"In Jonathan Allen's 'Aim Left', crazy golf becomes an unlikely context for political satire as players are forced to negotiate a miniaturised closed-down public library flanked by building skips overflowing with junked books. Allen's contribution to 'Adventureland Golf' is a timely echo of Raymond Bradbury's dystopian novel 'Fahrenheit 451' in which books are considered so threatening to the presiding authorities that their very existence comes into question. Subtle references to Bradbury's book can be found within the library's graffiti whilst Allen's contractors - 'Camborne Skips' - points culpability more directly to those whom the artist sees as most recently responsible for dismantling public space and undermining democratised learning in the UK. Allen points the putter directly at neo-liberalism, casting players as unwilling Gullivers in a landscape of thwarted social mobility and creeping philistinism."